(Seriola rivoliana)

Hawaiian Kanpachi is the premier member of the Amberjack family, prized by Japanese itamae and top chefs everywhere. The species is marked by a dark blue-green upper body with a lavender-tinted belly and elongated fins.

When young, the distinctive bands centered over the eyes look similar to the Japanese symbol for the number 8 (“pachi” or “ハ”), giving the fish its name “kan pachi” or “center eight”.

ハワイ カンパチ

Blue Ocean Mariculture is proud to be the sole producer of Seriola rivoliana in the world.

Hawaiian Kanpachi is ‘Made in the USA’


Hawaiian Kanpachi has a distinctly fresh, sweet flavor, and firm texture. The light pink, translucent flesh excels in sashimi presentations, and the clean, rich taste shines through when cooked.

Hawaiian Kanpachi cuts easily and efficiently, with few bones and a small bloodline. Favorite product forms include the loin (sashimi, nigiri sushi, ceviche or poke), fillet (grilled, steamed or broiled), and whole collar (roasted).

Hawaiian Kanpachi is rich in natural oils and forgiving if cooking time is unexpectedly long. The clean, sweet taste is superb with a wide variety of simple and complex added flavors.