Our fish

Premium, sashimi-grade kampachi prized for its taste, versatility and health benefits.

Hawaiian Kampachi™ excels in raw or cooked preparations, in simple dishes or with a variety of prepared flavors.

Hawaiian Kampachi™ cuts easily and efficiently, with few bones and a small bloodline.  A firm, crisp texture and clean taste makes Hawaiian Kampachi a favorite for sashimi, sushi and ceviche/poke dishes. Hawaiian Kampachi cooks quickly in its natural oils and is superb with a wide variety of simple and complex flavors and treatments.

Yields (from Whole Fish)

  • Whole
  • Gilled & Gutted
  • Headed & Gutted
  • Fillet (skin-on)


  • Whole:
    Best for roasting, poaching, steaming
  • Collar:
    Best for roasting and frying
  • Whole Fillet:
    Best for sashimi, grilling, pan-searing and steaming
  • Belly Fillet:
    Best for sashimi, ceviche, grilling and pan-searing