Our fish

Premium, sashimi-grade kampachi prized for its taste, versatility and health benefits.

Hawaiian Kampachi™ (Seriola rivoliana) is native to the Hawaiian Islands.

Known locally as Kahala or Almaco Jack, Hawaiian Kampachi™ is related to the broader family of Seriola spp. which includes Yellowtail, Hiramasa and Amberjack. Our fish are hatched from locally caught brood fish and grown to market size in the clear, offshore waters of Kona, Hawaii. Hawaiian Kampachi™ is available year-round and harvested only as ordered.  

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 We call our sustainably raised fish Hawaiian Kampachi but it is also know as yellowtail, Kahala or Amber Jack.
  • Chef Lee Anne Wong Serves up Simmered Hawaiian Kampachi™ at NY Autism Speaks VIP Gala

    Renowned American chef and TV personality Lee Anne Wong created a luscious Simmered Hawaiian Kampachi with marinated salmon roe, tempura matsutake and dashi consommé for the recent New York VIP event at Autism Speaks.

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