Hawaiian Kanpachi is a very efficient source of protein. It takes about 1.4 kg of feed to produce 1.0 kg of farmed Hawaiian Kanpachi, significantly less than other popular animal proteins.


(kg Feed per kg Product)

Like all carnivorous marine fish, Hawaiian Kanpachi evolved on a diet of wild fish meal and fish oil, making them a highest and best user of these constrained resources. Currently, it takes the fish meal and fish oil produced from about 2.3 kg of wild fish to grow 1.0 kg of Hawaiian Kanpachi.


(wild Fish In to 1.0 kg farmed Fish Out)

Working with our feed partner, Cargill, we closely monitor the rate of wild fish in our feed and work hard to reduce our reliance on it.

We lowered our wild fish requirement by increasing the inclusion of fish meal and fish oil from commercial fishery by-products.